FUNDACIÓN JUAN DE LOS TOYOS – Spain, project coordinator

Fundacion Juan de los Toyos is a non-profit private foundation located in Barakaldo (Spain). It was founded in 1996 (under the name of Fordesas) and refounded in 2009 with the name Fundación Juan de los Toyos. The main objective of the change was to adapt the foundation’s objectives and goals to the new requirements of the socio-economic environment. The foundation main objective is to develop training activities, and special in the area of adult education and focused on collectives in risk of social exclusion.


People Help the People seeks to achieve social solidarity by marrying in full the whole concept of “human integration” in the world, with particular reference to Europe and Mediterranean area, through the promotion of human person and recovery, preservation, and enhancement of historic, cultural and environmental heritage, integrated into an overall sustainable development.
The aim of People Help the People is to create opportunities for cooperation and partnership between the EU countries and the Mediterranean, weaving a dense network of intercultural exchange that allows to export best practices from one country to other, in pursuit of greater integration between peoples. Integration that represents not only an increase in terms of purely human but also a lever for economic development and social redemption.


MOVIÉNDOTE Association is a cultural non-profit association formed by people experienced in the fields of education, social inclusion, employment and equal opportunities. People coming from different sectors of the civil society that aim at joining efforts to promote a sense of responsibility about our own environment and encouraging and supporting people to take action in the different areas of society.
Moviéndote works with and for collectives in risk of social exclusion and promotes awareness raising, research, training, volunteering and, in general, active citizenship initiatives that bring together intercultural and intergenerational collectives.

GLOBEST – Turkey

Global Education Culture and Communication Association (GLOBEST) is an established NGO organization based on the rich experience of its founders. The heart of the organization represents a team of interdisciplinary experts: different external trainers, experts and young people. We cover the following disciplines: education, communication, training, psychology and innovative approaches in education.


At Learnmera, we strive to develop innovative learning techniques through continuous research into pedagogy and innovative learning mechanisms. At Learnmera, we strive to develop innovative learning techniques through research into pedagogy and innovative learning mechanisms.
Innovative learning is supported by using advanced technology and developing cutting-edge software solutions. Community building is at the crossroad of pedagogical and technology innovations. We help teachers create, develop and share teaching experiences and material.


MIS Foundation is a non-governmental organization, established in April 2015.The Foundation’s aim is to represent the interests of local government in Poland, propagate the idea of self-governance and civil society, running debate on the future of local government, civil society and public administration, as well as professionalization of management in local government.

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