Almost nobody doubts that education plays a major role in our societies, as it is the most valuable tool we can count on to improve the individual as well as collective welfare. All people, we should have the right to access to quality education and training which consolidates a continuous learning strategy, a strategy of lifelong learning.

These learning opportunities should not only be limited to the educative system, but they should also be planned in a way to cover the whole learning cycle of people, with the final objective of acquiring, updating, completing and broadening our capacities, knowledge, skills, aptitudes and competences for a complete personal and professional development.

Among the strategic objectives of 2020, the European Commission set a participation rate of 15% in adult education (25 to 64 years old) in member states. This objective is especially relevant for Spain, where meaningful deficiencies in terms of basic competences of our adult population still existing, mostly due to the delay in education and significant school dropping rates.

It is therefore important to work on non-formal training programs, that go beyond the classroom. It is crucial to design an adults training program which facilitates the acquisition of basic competences required to consolidate the abilities to exercise the active citizenship that foster the participation in all life spheres in fair and equal conditions.

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